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As Chiropractic Marketing Professionals
we aim to achieve two goals

1. Attract more new patients to your practice


The most effective way to attract more new patients to your practice is through the internet by having a great website. Statistics show that more and more people looking for a chiropractor are discarding Yellow Pages and instead using a Google search to find a 'Chiropractor' in your local area.

But it's not just about having a website for the sake of having a website. Bringing someone to your website is only half the challenge as there is a lot of strategic marketing within your website that leads a browser down a specific path where they pick up the phone and make an appointment. With Chiropractic iQ all the hard work has been done. Your website comes fully equipped with all the written copy, a content management system so you can adjust the content and you have a series of designer styles to choose from which will be tailored to the unique character of your practice.

2. Retain your existing patients and encourage them to undertake wellness care


One of the biggest challenges most practices face is the struggle to educate patients to a point where they fully understand the benefits of regular chiropractic wellness care. E-newsletters are the answer! Again we have done all the hard work. Regularly connect with your patients with the professionally written articles we provide for you. You can browse and select articles from our library, login to change the content as you require and email send to your database. It's that easy! No more late nights, wracking your brain trying to create fresh content!